Best Pizza

For Over 40 Years


Welcome to Brandani's!

For large delivery orders, Brandanis may be able to deliver it without using a third party. Please call us with your order, address and delivery time you are looking for and we can let you know!

Three Pizzas and The Logo

For over 40 years, Brandani's has been serving Rochester the best quality food at affordable prices. As a family-owned and operated business, we have only one thing in mind: your satisfaction!

Come see us on Crittenden Road in Henrietta. Try our great selection of handmade pizzas and don't forget the wings!

We want to extend our sincerest thanks for your patronage over the years! On behalf of all of us at Brandani's, we look forward to continuing our passion to feed you the best!



Great food. The pizza is unmatched and this place is a must visit if you are ever in the area. They have stood the test of time and are proven their worth.
-Rene P.

Excellent pizza (and I'm from Brooklyn, NY)...nice friendly folks..authentic atmosphere...I'm a 'regular' now!
-Greg Wheeler

This is officially our delivery pizza of choice. Better crust than most other pizza places in town, good selection of toppings, good selection of non-pizza snacks, and fantastic customer service! Now all I need is to taste test some of that ice cream I keep hearing about.
-Kiri Breese-Garelick